Assorted Flavors Tin

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Assortment of Flavors: Classic, Salted Toffee, Hazelnut, Candied Orange Peels.
Truffles Count: 22 
Weight: 7.1oz 
Truffles are individually wrapped.
Why No Chewing..?
Our Truffles are uniquely defined by their taste, smoothness and melting profile.
Well…If you’re chewing it, you’re missing it! 
Missing the experience…
Squeeze it gently between your tongue and upper palate.
It will start to melt immediately.
Move it around your mouth and feel the rich flavor come alive. 
Enjoy the creamy feel and smoothness…Mmmm…


Truffles must be kept in a dry & cool place up to 65° F.
If kept refrigerated allow them to return to room temperature before serving.



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  • 5
    A Chocolate Lover's Dream

    Posted by Dee Jay on 27th Feb 2017

    If you really LOVE chocolate you MUST try these truffles. They are fabulous!!! Treat yourself, you are worth it :) !!!

  • 5

    Posted by Beverly on 29th Jan 2017

    If you want a special treat, give No Chewing Allowed a try.

  • 4
    Love Not Chewing!!

    Posted by Michele Loihle on 15th Dec 2016

    Each flavor is wonderful. I would prefer to have the 'coffee' flavor in this mix, but that's just me. :)

  • 5
    Chocolate perfection

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2016

    Welcome to an assortment of delectable flavors, all so amazing that it is impossible to choose a favorite!

  • 4
    They sell out fast

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2015

    And for good reason. These truffles are delicious. Love all the flavors. Bought them at Bryant Park then sent them to friends as gifts. Then my son made me go back to it more and both Bryant Park and Columbus Circle had sold out of the assortments. Only original left.

  • 4
    Very Yummy

    Posted by Lois on 9th Feb 2015

    I found your shop at Union Square at Christmastime of 2013. The assorted flavors are amazing but I have to say I am a purist and prefer the plain chocolate truffles. Yours is the only chocolate I buy now. So glad you have an online website!

  • 5
    Super Delicious!

    Posted by Chelsi A. on 31st Dec 2012

    Passing by the Union Square holiday market, I saw no chewing allowed. I was curious so I stole a look. I didn't get a sample but I was interested enough to buy a tin. An assorted tin. Oh gosh, best decision ever! I think I ate 9 in one sitting. Sugar bomb but worth it! I had to share it with my friends and they loved it! I ended up going back to buy 4 more tins to give away as gifts. Please come back to the Union square market someday! :D